Condensers have lungs just like us, the metal fins of a condenser must be able to replace the hot air trapped inside throughout the cooling operation, standard maintenance is great idea and something you can do yourself.

We recommend turning your unit off before attempting any sort of cleaning. Once a month at least should help to keep the dirt from hardening.

When was the last time you had maintenance performed on your condenser? If you answered more than a year ago, your system may be overheating during operation.

We offer affordable maintenance packages

Once dirt and other things settle for a while, the simple maintenance will not work. Condensers that over heat will kill your compressor and give it a shorter life span.

  • Organic chemical coil treatment
  • Coil fin repair with metal brush
  • Component’s amperage testing
  • Motor and compressor evaluation

Dirty Condenser Coils don’t have to appear clogged.

We test everything before and after maintenance. Our technicians want you to be informed of our findings.

Properly maintained HVAC units live longer lives and are always more energy efficient.

Most component failures are avoidable when the trained eye is offered the opportunity to inspect and prevent air conditioning failures.

TX HVAC offers professional maintenance service for residential, commercial and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration.